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Internal Medicine Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adena Health System’s Internal Medicine Residency Program ACGME-accredited?

Yes, our program received Continued Accreditation effective September 27, 2019.

Is the program participating in “Osteopathic Recognition?”

At this time, we do not plan on pursuing Osteopathic Recognition.

Does the program consider DO and MD residents?

Yes.  Candidates should apply through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). 

Does the program consider International Medical Graduates (IMGs)?

Yes.  Candidates should have graduated from medical school within two years prior to the start of residency and must be ECFMG-certified.

Is the program competitive?

Yes.  Typically, we receive 700-800 applications for 7 positions.

Should I apply to your program if I failed COMLEX/USMLE on a prior attempt?

In most situations, we require passage of the USMLE on the first try.  Although all applications are reviewed, the number of attempts for passage is strongly considered.

Does the program offer Observerships?


What does a typical day look like for the residents?

This depends on the rotation.  Typically, residents will arrive just before 7a to attend Morning Report. Throughout the day, residents work in the hospital or in a clinic depending on their individual rotation schedules.  Residents are excused from rotation from 12-1p so that they can participate in Noon Lecture.

How late do residents stay?

This depends on the rotation.  On hospital rotations, “short stay” residents stay until approximately 5pm each day, while “late stay” residents stay until 7pm to sign out to the night team.  Generally, there is one “late stay” resident per day; residents typically have 1-2 “late stay” shifts per week.  ICU shifts are 7a-7p.  On most other rotations, residents can anticipate staying until approximately 5p.

How many days do residents work per week?

On inpatient services, residents should expect to work 1-2 of 4 weekends per block (1 for Med AM; 1-2 for Med PM and ICU).

Do residents take call?

Residents do not take call for hospital services. However, they do take 2-3 weeks of clinic call per academic year.  While on clinic call, the resident will answer questions from IM clinic patients as needed.  Most residents report zero to low call volume while on call.

Do residents complete 24-hour shifts?

No.  The only exception is 24-hour clinic call, which does not require the resident to be on site – residents are not expected to come into the hospital to answer calls.

Where do residents live?  Is there a proximity requirement?

Because we do not require residents to take call, they may choose to live as close or as far from the hospital as they want.  Most residents choose to live in Chillicothe. However, several live in the Columbus area.  If you need assistance finding housing, please contact the Program Manager.

Does your program allow moonlighting?

Second and third-year residents are permitted to moonlight on a case-by-case basis.  For more information, contact the Program Director.