Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Program

Primary Care Sports Medicine

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Clinic time within the Sports Medicine Clinic at Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute will offer a broad exposure to different ages and conditions including sprains, strains, back/neck pain, osteoarthritis, non-operative fracture care, concussions. Office procedures include fracture reduction, injections (corticosteroids,VISCO-supplementation, PRP/ACP), ultrasound guided procedures, and concussion testing.

Orthopedic Surgery Specialties

- Orthopedic Surgery: Sports Medicine
- Orthopedic Surgery: Hand/Upper Extremity
- Orthopedic Surgery: Adult Reconstruction
- Foot/Ankle Surgery


- Interventional Spine
- Spine surgery (both neurosurgery and orthopedic spine surgery)

Musculoskeletal Radiology

- Evaluate the quality of imaging studies
- Order appropriate imaging studies to answer clinical questions
- Consistently and correctly interpret X-ray and MRI studies

Physical Therapy

The fellow will become familiar with common physical therapy treatment protocols, and modalities and be able to appropriately order physical therapy for their patients.

Primary Care

The RRC requires that all sports medicine fellows continue to practice medicine in their primary field of training during the fellowship program. The goal is to maintain skills as a primary care physician. There is a required half-day clinic per week which will take place at the Adena Family Medicine Residency Clinic.