Adena Regional Medical Center provides 24-7 emergency care in Chillicothe, Greenfield, and Waverly. Adena also offers urgent care in Chillicothe, Hillsboro and Waverly, and walk-in clinics in Chillicothe and Circleville.

24/7 Emergency Rooms are located in Chillicothe, Greenfield and Waverly.

Did you know that on average a trip to the Emergency Room costs $1,233? While a trip to Urgent Care costs an average $155? Should you go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

What to Expect at the Emergency Department

If you or your loved one is critically or severely injured, you will be treated immediately. If your injury or illness is less severe, you will first be asked to register before a physician sees you.

Once you’re in the treatment area, a physician or physician assistant will diagnose your illness or injury. This may require tests such as an X-ray or CT scan. Your length of stay will depend on your diagnosis and the treatment. In some cases, such as heart attacks and strokes, you’ll be admitted to the hospital.

Will you have to wait?
Maybe. Some days and even seasons are busier in the ER than others. Because emergency visits are unscheduled, it’s impossible to predict your wait time.

But we are working hard to eliminate waits. Our Fast Track process has helped us see patients TWICE AS FAST as other ERs across the country.

And in cases where your illness or injury is not severe, such as a cough, cold, sore throat, the flu or minor lacerations, we also offer fast care at our three Adena Urgent Care Centers.

Did you know a primary care provider can save you from costly Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits? Learn more about primary care and request an appointment today.


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