Our highly acclaimed Adena Heart and Vascular team is home to many physicians and cardiovascular care specialists who understand the risks, symptoms, and assessments for comprehensive heart and vascular disease treatment. We have a broad network of cardiology providers throughout our nine-county region, conveniently serving you near home and loved ones.

The body’s vascular system is made up of a network of blood vessels that carry blood and nutrients to and from the heart, brain, organs and muscles throughout the body. In fact, blood is the life force of every cell in your body. Also known as the circulatory system, it includes the arteries, capillaries and veins.

Vascular diseases can include a range of conditions from varicose veins to hardening of the arteries. Some of these can be quite serious, and can lead to blood clots, stroke, coronary artery disease, or death.

Adena’s team of specialists has been nationally recognized for our exceptional patient care in vascular health.

Conditions Treated

Screenings & Diagnosis

Heart and vascular ultrasound: Ultrasound imaging technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create a picture of your heart. Your doctor can check how healthy your heart is and observe your veins and arteries, too, to see if blood is flowing at the rate it should be. This technology can help doctors detect heart failure, holes in the heart, valve issues, blocked arteries, aneurysms and more.

Preparation: Where a comfortable shirt with an open collar; don’t wear necklaces or long earrings. Your doctor will provide any other instructions.

Vein Screening: Adena Heart and Vascular offers free vein screenings to help patients assess risk and learn about treatment options. We work with patients to identify a treatment path that works for them.




Vascular Care

Our heart and vascular teams are committed to providing high quality care with patient-specific attention and compassion.

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