Adena Health Focus December 18, 2018

Volunteer Today

The holiday season is here, and the best time for you to give the perfect gift that doesn’t even cost a thing – your time. The gift of volunteering not only helps give back to your community, but also is its own reward for you.

While volunteering may be top of mind for some this time of year, it is a priority every day for Adena Regional Medical Center volunteer Bob Imboden. Bob has been a volunteer at Adena for almost 15 years. After losing his wife to a terminal illness, he wanted to give back to Adena for the care and support his family received during his wife’s time in and out of the hospital.

“The caregivers and doctors at Adena were so good to my wife that I felt I needed to give back to the hospital and somehow give to them what they had given to her,” he said. “I enjoy volunteering very much. Every day is a new experience and I go home feeling like I have accomplished something.”

Adena Volunteers play an essential role in the success of the health system. They are often the first caregivers people see when they arrive and the last they see when they leave. But volunteer opportunities at Adena are not limited to those just at the front desks, but include a wide variety open to anyone from age 14 and older. 

“More people should volunteer,” said Bob. “Especially those who are retired. It gets you off the couch, out of the house and you get to meet so many wonderful people.”

Whether a student wanting to earn valuable experience or gain new job skills or someone who may be retired and wanting to make new friends, Adena Volunteer Services has a place for you. 

How to Volunteer at Adena? 

  • Be able to give four hours a month
  • Be at least 14 years old
  • Be willing to work in a medical environment
  • Are dependable, friendly and outgoing

To learn more about Adena volunteer opportunities, call 740-779-7526 or visit