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Patient Credits Adena Health Heart Care for Beating Back Heart Attack

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According to the American Heart Association, a heart attack strikes someone about every 40 seconds. All this month, Adena Health and others across the country are helping to raise awareness of the importance of heart health.

Nobody has to tell Kevin O’Leary about that. He firmly believes that had it not been for his care team with Adena Health’s cardiac services, he wouldn’t be here today.

The 74-year-old had already recovered from two mild heart attacks when he was outside doing yard work. He would come to find out his third experience with heart issues wouldn’t be as minor.

“I had a massive heart attack that began while I was on my riding mower,” Kevin recalled. “I blacked out, hit the bank on a little overflow stream on my property, and my chest hit the steering wheel. Dr. (Hafeez) Hassan told me later that the impact is what made my heart start beating again.”

As the day continued, Kevin wasn’t feeling any improvement, so he decided it was time to head to Adena Regional Medical Center. He would learn later that his situation had been even more dire than he originally had thought.

“My team of doctors told me they had to bring me back (to life) twice during surgery,” Kevin said. ”I said I’m still here, that’s all that matters.”

Kevin is quick to recognize all of the physicians, clinical staff, nurses, and recovery staff who helped him. He also praises Adena’s cardiac rehabilitation team for its approach to helping him get back to the active lifestyle he enjoys. That includes exercising five days a week at the gym, and he expects to get back onto the golf course multiple times each week once the weather allows.

“I say if you have heart issues, go to Adena,” Kevin said.

Adena Health provides essential cardiac services, whether you need emergency care, treatment of a chronic condition, or if something simply does not feel right. For more about Adena’s cardiac care, its providers and full range of services, visit