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Heart patient ‘In Good Hands’ with Adena Health

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When it comes to surviving and recovering from a heart attack, time is muscle. With as much as 85 percent of muscle damage taking place within the first hour of the onset of an attack, getting care quickly is essential.

That is one of the reasons why Adena Health is joining health care providers everywhere in an effort to help raise awareness about the importance of heart health throughout the month of February.

John Ross certainly understands that importance. The 64-year-old knew from the tightness in his chest and shortness of breath that something was wrong, even though he wasn’t experiencing severe chest pain.

“I didn’t have the energy I had in the past,” John said. “Normally, I go out to Colorado every year to ski with my son and he can’t keep up with me. But this was something different.”

When those symptoms wouldn’t go away, John put his trust in the cardiologists at Adena Health, including Bharat Marwaha, MD, Tarek Moussa, MD, and Hafeez Hassan, MD.

“They were fantastic,” John said. “The doctors in the emergency room were great. Dr. Marwaha even changed all of my appointments to expedite them. All the physicians, really, gave me a strong reassurance that I was in good hands.”

John had a good understanding of the importance of addressing heart issues quickly and the risks involved if you don’t. His mother was a cardiac nurse and both his parents were cardiac patients.

He understood, therefore, that availability of the heart care he needed close to where he lived was both important and comforting.

“My life is hectic enough, I didn’t want to have to drive to Columbus every time I needed an appointment,” John said.

Since undergoing his procedures and successfully completing his cardiac rehabilitation program through Adena Health in Waverly, John has not experienced any chest pain or chest pressure and feels his energy level improving every day.

“I would tell anyone they should feel very comfortable going for heart care at Adena,” John said. “I wouldn’t hesitate.”

Adena Health provides essential cardiac services, whether you need emergency care, treatment of a chronic condition, or if something simply does not feel right. For more about Adena’s cardiac care, its providers and full range of services, visit