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The Pride of Adena: Michele Haines

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Michele Haines, nuclear medicine technologist, has a very personal understanding of the important role Adena Health has in saving lives in the community.

The Greenfield native, after all, is one of those lives.

“I’m proud to say that Adena found my cancer,” Michele said. “Being an employee, I take a lot of pride in knowing that the health system I work for helped save my life.”

Five and a half years ago, after several months of a nagging cough, Michele sought care from her primary care provider. The provider ordered some tests, and the results were troubling. Michele was admitted to Adena Regional Medical Center for a bronchoscopy and biopsy.

“The care I received there while an inpatient was wonderful,” she said.

At the age of 33 and with no risk factors, Michele was diagnosed with lung cancer. Needless to say, she was shocked.

“When my husband and I received the call to come to the pulmonology office for my results, the pulmonologist himself just held my hand, asked permission to hug me, and he actually cried when he delivered us the news of the actual diagnosis,” Michele said.

That level of compassion and care at the very beginning of her cancer journey had a tremendous impact on Michele.

“It still plays a huge part in my in my life today,” she said. “Adena played a huge role in the early detection of my cancer and, honestly, in the miracle of my story of even still being here.”

The care that pulled her through that experience was not just shown to her as a patient, but also as an employee.

“Throughout my cancer journey from diagnosis to surgery, treatment, care, and life after cancer, Adena, as an employer, really went above and beyond to care for me and my well-being,” Michele said.

As a native of southern Ohio, Michele has been able to see the important role the health system plays across the region most of her life. She started working for Adena in x-ray while still in school studying nuclear medicine, and has been with the organization for 16 years.

The care and support Michele experienced as a patient translates into confidence she can convey to her patients about the care they receive at Adena, whether at Greenfield or another location.

“Throughout my cancer journey as a patient, Adena was there for me and made me feel so grateful for my care here,” Michele says. “I am so proud to know that it had a huge part in the early diagnosis and saving my life. As an employee, I felt so cared for and grateful for the number of people who reached out and cared for me and the time they gave me to heal and be ready to come back. Those are special times in my life that I'm very grateful to Adena for.”

After her initial diagnosis, Michele underwent surgery and treatment. She is now enjoying a healthy and full post-cancer life and has even been able to get back to running marathons.

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