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Back and Spine Assessment

What to Expect When Getting a Back Problem Assessed

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The Spine Center is located at the Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe. The center has the only complete group of doctors in all specialties within the 9 counties Adena serves. Our team includes doctors who specialize in the spine, bones, joints, pain management, sports injuries, neurology and rehabilitation medicine.

The biggest differentiating factor at Adena is its philosophy about how to care for spine patients. The center offers each patient a coordinated approach. This means that on the day of your appointment, you can be seen by more than one doctor if needed and have all your tests done that same day.

For example, a patient comes to see a sports medicine doctor complaining of a weak leg. After examining the patient, the doctor orders a test to see how the patient’s leg muscles respond to stimulation (EMG test, also called an electromyogram). The sports medicine doctor confers with the neurologist, who then does the test. The patient doesn’t have to make an appointment and come back on another day.  Based on the outcome of the test, the sports medicine physician and the neurologist decide what treatment or additional tests are needed. 

When the patient leaves the spine center, he or she usually has a diagnosis and a treatment plan designed to restore function and comfort within six months, without surgery. The treatment plan typically includes a combination of non-invasive therapies.

If a patient has an exceptionally complicated spine problem, the entire spine team may hold a meeting to discuss the issues and determine a treatment plan that will result in the best outcome possible. This may mean that more than one day is needed for testing, consultation and thoughtful consideration of the best options to treat the problem successfully. This may include consultation with a spinal surgeon. 

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