Spine and Back Pain

Adena’s coordinated approach to care combines your visits and provides a team approach to solving your back and spine pain. Understand common back and spine conditions and assessments, nonsurgical treatments, and surgical options available at the Adena Spine Center.

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It is not uncommon for patients to falsely believe that they have to live with pain forever or undergo spinal surgery to cure a back ailment. But, in most cases, that is not true.

Adena Health System takes the guesswork out of treating back pain. According to James E. Fleming Jr., M.D., physician lead of the Adena Spine Center, “Back pain usually doesn’t lead to surgery. At Adena, about 90 percent of back pain can be successfully treated non-surgically using a variety of modalities such as physical therapy, pain management, injections and sports rehabilitation.” 

Ninety percent of patients are treated for back pain by sports medicine, phsiatry, therapy, pain managment, or neurology with only 10% requiring surgery.

The goals at Adena are to restore function and comfort using the most proven techniques for a given condition, injury or disease.

Excellence paired with convenience

The Adena Spine Center offers patients four key elements:

  1. Therapies that have been proven to deliver the best outcomes
  2. A complete set of specialists on-site, including physical therapists, physiatrists, sports medicine physicians, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, pain management physicians, neurologists and orthopaedic surgeons
  3. Medical spine meetings in which specialists present the latest research on a spine topic and the entire team comes to a consensus about how to treat patients with that condition.
  4. Spine doctors who received extra training (called fellowships) in spine treatment and surgery and passed tests (called boards) to certify them in spine care

These services make treatment convenient for patients. Our patients often see more than one physician on the same day. Tests are conducted the same day rather than being spread out over days or weeks. The patient gets a comprehensive evaluation that is often completed in one day. About 90 percent of the time, patients are successfully treated without needing surgery.

Call the Adena Spine Center today at 740-779-7100 or request an appointment online.


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