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Honoring Those Who Care for Our Communities

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What goes into caring for the health of a community?

It takes modern technology and facilities. It takes vision. It takes a clear understanding of what that community needs.

More than anything else, however, it takes a committed, caring, professional group of people who put those needs first. The more than 4,200 Adena Health employees across nine counties are those people, dedicated to providing the best possible experience for patients in a warm, welcoming environment. That standard of care is only made possible by their excellence exhibited in both clinical and non-clinical roles across the health system.

This week, we celebrate Health Care Workers Week to pay tribute to those whose lives are dedicated to the service of others. Whether working directly in patient care or in support roles that make sure your experience is the best it can be, their commitment to their friends, family, and neighbors in the communities Adena serves is unquestionable.

They understand your needs because they are you.

They are people like Kris Donley, a nurse manager at Adena Greenfield Medical Center who has worked for the health system for 25 years. Kris understands what patients and their families are going through in an emergency situation, having trusted Adena’s physicians to care for her son when he unexpectedly suffered from a collapsed lung right around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the uncertainties surrounding the impact of the new coronavirus on health care, Kris’ son was able to receive the surgical care he needed to not only resolve the issue but significantly reduce the possibility of the problem resurfacing. Having that care close to home is something for which she remains grateful  and remembers when dealing with others in her role managing Greenfield’s specialty clinic.

“We were super thankful for the care we received at Adena,” Kris said. “Adena is an important part of our lives. I love what I do, and I love what the health system does for my family and others every day.”

Marta Hitchens, a technologist assistant in radiology, also understands how patients and co-workers deserve to be treated. She brings such a level of kindness and professionalism to her interactions with patients and staff that she was presented one of the health system’s Rock Star awards, one of the top honors presented to a non-nursing employee. In her award nomination, her kindness and willingness to do what some may consider “little things” to make a big impact were highlighted.

“My back had been out for a few weeks, so I had a hard time bending over,” the nomination read. “Marta noticed my shoe was untied, and I told her it would take me a minute as my back was out. Without hesitation, Marta bent over and tied my shoe for me. The kindness she showed me that day and the kindness she shows all patients who come in contact with her is outstanding. The work Marta does each day is a good demonstration of living Adena’s mission, vision and values.”

A high level of kindness and compassion also was on display one March evening when the caregivers of Adena Pike Medical Center’s emergency department went beyond just providing medical care for three victims of a Waverly apartment fire – one of them a child. The three lost everything they owned, and the Adena employees jumped in to do what they could in that moment to help.

One provided her own son’s coat and a couple of toys she had in her car to the child in their care. Every nurse present offered to purchase replacement clothing for the sexual assault nurse examiner closet so that the outfits inside could be given to the fire victims. Another caregiver provided the victims with a handmade quilt, others offered a jacket and raincoat, and still others worked with the Waverly Police Department to establish a temporary drop-off location for donations to the trio until a more permanent location could be found.

Through their actions that night, those employees put Adena’s values of compassion, excellence, integrity and trust on full display and lived its guiding principle of “Let all that you do be done in love.”

There are countless other stories of instances, both big and small, in which Adena’s caregivers touch lives and make a positive difference in the communities in which we live, work and play.

This week, or any other time one may touch your life, please join us in saying thank you for all they do.