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Wig Program

When a cancer patient loses their hair, it can often be a difficult experience that adds additional stress to an already stressful situation. Wearing a wig is one way to cope with hair loss and help make cancer patients look and feel their best while undergoing treatment. The Adena Cancer Center understands this and works to provide support for its patients through its no-cost Wig Program.

The program makes available a free wig to any Adena Cancer Center patient currently undergoing treatment or recently received treatment. Wigs are provided through the Adena Cancer Center and several local vendors.

Funding for the program is made possible by a grant award by the South Central Power Company Foundation. Additional support for the program is provided by The Turban Project and Southern Ohio Survivors.

Our hope is that by providing wigs for our patients at no cost to them, it gives them an opportunity to focus on their treatment and recovery and not about their body image.

For more information on the Adena Cancer Center Wig Program, call 740-542-3061.