When you or your family need access to expert care, Adena offers virtual visits so you can speak to a doctor or healthcare provider from the comfort of your home.

You can get the care you need from your telephone, smartphone, tablet or computer. Virtual visits are secure and available whether you’re a new, current or post-procedural patient.

Conditions Treated

For true emergencies, call 911 or go to the ER right way. For non-emergency care, consider your options based on your symptoms. For other health concerns, you can use virtual care to treat symptoms such as:

Services and Treatments

Virtual visits are a safe, convenient alternative to making a trip for an in-person visit with your doctor. Using a virtual visit, you have access to:

How to Use Virtual Visits

You can also get care through a virtual appointment with a care provider without having to leave your home or office. While virtual visits are safe and convenient, they don’t always serve as a complete replacement for an in-office visit, especially if there is an urgent health need. 

Consent Forms

Please complete a consent form for the county where you will have your virtual appointment.

Fayette County

Pickaway County

Pike County

Highland County

Jackson County

Main Campus

Ross County



Check out the links below for more information on your Virtual Visit:

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