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Destroying Cancer Cells with Chemotherapy

To learn more about the Adena Cancer Care Center, chemotherapy treatment or to request an appointment, please call 740-542-3030.

Because cancer cells grow and divide quickly, part of the treatment commonly involves killing these cells. That’s the role of chemotherapy — drugs that are typically used as part of a treatment plan that may also involve radiation and surgery.

The Adena Cancer Center’s 5,000-square-foot Infusion Center includes 18 treatment spaces and a pharmacy, where individualized medications are mixed based on each patient’s needs. Well-trained oncology nurses administer chemotherapy.

Patients receive their medications intravenously while reclining in front of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a park-like setting. Even the colors are designed to be soothing and create a positive distraction. Each infusion station offers wireless Internet access, iPads, a TV/DVD and guest seating to provide as much comfort as possible.

In some cases, particularly for colorectal cancer patients, a continual infusion at home may be an option. This allows patients to wear a pack around their waist that delivers the treatment, minimizing the amount of time they need to spend in the Infusion Center.

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