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Teresa Barnett, Adena Family Nurse Practitioner with a ‘Whole Person’ Approach

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Teresa is a homegrown nurse practitioner who is passionate about caring for members of her community.

If you’ve ever gone to Adena Family Medicine - Piketon or Jackson, you may have encountered nurse practitioner, Teresa Barnett. You may not remember her, but she likely will remember you. Teresa is a long-time dedicated nurse who loves to get to know her patients. She is invested in her patients’ health and often looks beyond what they came in for.

“One of the greatest compliments I ever received was when a son told me I took care of his mom as if she were my mom,” says Teresa. That pretty much sums up Teresa’s attitude and approach to patients, taking care of each one as if they were a family member. “Teresa likes to look at the whole person,” says Nicole Stiver, Adena Family Medicine Piketon Clinical and Operations Manager. “She genuinely wants to make a difference and help people.”

Since January 2021, Teresa has been working from the Adena Family Medicine - Piketon office only. She says she likes getting to know the patients and practicing in the community where she grew up and now where she and her family live. “I identify with the community and know the community challenges,” says Teresa. “I like the community feeling. We often might treat one family member, and then as time goes on, start seeing more family members come in because they’ve heard it’s a friendly, caring and important health experience.”

Teresa likes to talk to patients about preventative care and is passionate about coaching patients regarding diet and exercise. “Even small changes in weight and activity can make a patient feel better,” says Teresa. She takes extra time to help empower patients with resources to make lifestyle changes. Teresa also knows the value of patient follow-up. She frequently follows up with high risk patients to check on their condition and with patients she knows might need extra encouragement.

If you have health concerns, or it’s been a while since your last well-check, call Adena Family Medicine - Piketon at 740-947-6480 and make an appointment. If you see Teresa during your visit, make sure you say ‘hi.’ Chances are you’ll have a new health advocate to help look out for you.