Local Principal Learns Importance of Treating Nerve Damage Early

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Mark Broermann doesn’t have time for pain to slow him down.

The father, coach, and Jackson Middle School principal had been dealing with neck and shoulder pain for months. It wasn’t until it progressed to pain and numbness that impacted his ability to use his arm that he finally decided to see what was going on.

The decision to seek help was a good one. Nerve pain and damage can carry a wide array of symptoms beyond just the pain and can, in some cases, be tied to a variety of other underlying conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or autoimmune diseases. It can worsen with age, and left untreated can reduce the ability to repair the nerve while seriously impacting quality of life.

Mark underwent an MRI and x-ray and was referred to orthopedic spine surgeon James Fleming, Jr., MD, medical director of Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute. Just a few days later, Mark learned he had a deteriorating disc in his spine that was impacting his nerves and muscles.

Mark admits that he doesn’t seek medical care often, but that Dr. Fleming answered all of his questions and explained everything, including the importance of addressing nerve damage quickly to keep it from becoming permanent. With a fresh feeling of confidence, he underwent a successful surgery shortly thereafter.

“When I awoke after surgery in the recovery room, I had no pain at all, which was such a relief,” Mark says.

Three months later, Mark was able to fully return to all of the things that matter most to him: family time and educating the next generation. Most importantly, he could do so pain free.

Like Mark, if you are experiencing pain that is keeping you from the activities you love, let the experts at Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute help. Learn more at Adena.org/AOSI