Adena Partnering with Local Law Enforcement to Enhance Safety and Security

CHILLICOTHE, OH (April 6, 2022) – Adena Health System and the Ross County Sheriff’s Office are coming together to further the safety, security and well-being of patients, visitors and caregivers at Adena Regional Medical Center’s (ARMC) Chillicothe campus.

Adena has maintained its own police department since 2015, but will be shuttering those operations at the end of the month. The Health System is currently working on a special detail agreement with the Ross County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement support and oversight at ARMC. Similar to partnerships other entities have with the Sheriff’s Office for supplemental presence, Adena will compensate deputies through this special detail arrangement with the Sheriff’s Office. This agreement will support the Health System’s existing Security Department, which will continue to have a major presence.

“We recognize the value law enforcement plays in supporting our patients’, visitors’ and caregivers’ safety and security when at our facilities, however, we also understand that our core competencies are in health care, not in law enforcement,” said Karen Jenkins, Vice President, ARMC. “Safety and security are top priorities and this in no way lessens our coverage in those areas. We will maintain the strong presence we always have. This is another example of Adena partnering with our local resources to provide the best level of service.”

She added, “The presence and support of our police department since its inception has been greatly appreciated and we thank its members for their dedication and service to our mission. We are hopeful they will choose to remain with Adena by transitioning to a security role or continue to serve our Health System and community by joining the Ross County Sheriff’s Office.”

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