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Adena Continues Commitment Towards Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Adena Health System, as part of its longstanding commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, is joining with other community organizations to act on its further promise to open uncomfortable dialogues that can have a positive impact on any communities dealing with racial tensions, hate and unacceptable acts of violence.

This week, Adena representatives will join others from the Ross County NAACP, Ross County Health District, United Way of Ross County and area churches to actively listen, discuss and share information so they can partner together in order to bridge gaps that may exist within our local communities to affect change.

“To prevent discomfort from being an obstacle to change, we must continue down our journey one step at a time,” said Michele Valentine, Adena Director for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. “Our journey must continue at Adena by inspecting the very fabric that has helped shape this great organization to ensure we are listening to the voices of our caregivers, as well as the communities in which we serve.”

She added, “As an African American woman and mother, I hear their voices. I feel the fear, anger and unrest. I see the frustration. It’s how we respond that will determine when we can finally break free from hate and systematic racism. Transformation happens when we acknowledge the trauma of all hate and work together to dissolve it. Being silent is part of the bondage. When we collectively join together – all human beings – we begin to make change. We commit to listen. We commit to learn. We stand up for change. We stop the violence. We will help change our tomorrow.”

In her role for almost a year, Valentine has worked tirelessly to position Adena to be part of that change. That includes implementing the Health System’s diversity and inclusion principles:      

Adena is committed to creating an inclusive environment that respects the human dignity and diversity of each member of the Adena community. Each member deserves and will be treated fairly and equitably. 

Adena is committed to equity and inclusion with all of our patients and families, our physicians, our workforce, our business partners and the communities that we serve. We will enhance our cultural competency by educating, recognizing and celebrating the value of diverse cultures, beliefs and identities. 

Adena understands each caregiver is unique and recognizes individual differences. We will not view our differences in cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and racial backgrounds as a tolerance but an inclusive organization of all individuals, as well as individuals not in the majority. We will embrace and empower each caregiver to bring their unique self forward each day in conjunction with our Vision, Mission, Values and Guiding Principle. Each caregiver will be respected, valued for who they are, and supported.  

Adena caregivers will represent the communities in which we serve and have equal access to opportunities. We are called to serve and will commit to provide the highest level of quality health services to the diverse communities and actively listen to their individual needs.

“At Adena, we are dedicated to living out our organizational values of integrity, quality, excellence and trust, for every patient, every time,” reiterated Jeff Graham, Adena President and CEO. “Adena’s physicians and caregivers represent many of our world’s cultures, beliefs and races. It is what makes us unique as individuals, and it makes us stronger as a team and organization. We firmly believe that diversity, equality and inclusion is what makes a community. Each of our individual qualities and experiences is necessary in building a culture that keeps us all moving forward. We are committed to providing the highest quality health care to anyone who needs us. Michele has shown great leadership and strength in building Adena’s diversity, equity and inclusion program. Her vision and drive is why our organization and the communities we serve can feel confident in the message and actions of our Health System.”