Health News February 07, 2013

Valentine’s Day Menu can be Healthy

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be Doomsday for your diet or overall good health. Adena Dietician Cathy Castillo reminds us that we can enjoy the specialness of the holiday, without going overboard.

“There are lots of ways to choose healthy dinners while eating out, whether it is Valentine’s Day or any day,” Cathy says.  “Start your meal off with a salad and order the dressing on the side, this way you get to decide how much dressing to use.  You may also choose a grilled or broiled lean meat for an entrée. Filet mignon will work, and it definitely says Valentine’s Day.” 

Cathy adds we should also include vegetables as a side dish and to avoid bread or have the server bring just enough for the two of you to avoid overeating.

Finally, dessert doesn’t have to be a no-no.  There are many fruit-based desserts to choose from, or share a dessert, which is also perfect for Valentine’s Day.  If you are making a sweet treat for yourself or your loved one at home, Cathy suggests strawberries with dark chocolate drizzled over them.  The berries are rich in Vitamin C and the dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which are good for your heart.

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