Services & Specialties October 25, 2018

Survivors Share Their Stories

While this month may be the time when breast cancer is at the forefront, it is a reality every day for our patients, providers, staff and volunteers at the Adena Cancer Center. Five breast cancer survivors shared this reality and gave praise to the Adena Cancer Center for the quality of care they received throughout the stages of their treatment

Rebecca Crabtree, South Salem 

When I walk in the doors of the Adena Cancer Center I feel like I belong here. Even when I come to just get blood work done I am greeted with hugs. The team is wonderful and made me have a comfortable and wonderful experience. In the twelve weeks I was here, I never felt like a number. The staff truly made me feel brave.” 

  Sherry Howard, Chillicothe 

“The whole team at Adena is wonderful. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for treatment. My Nurse Navigator was there every step of the way. The providers are excellent at explaining everything and helping me understand. My friends and family wanted me to choose other hospitals for my care. I chose Adena because it is close to home and more convenient for my family and me. Of course, I want the best treatment possible and I get that at Adena every step of the way.” 

 Charla Mathuews, Chillicothe 

“I actually was the one who told my doctor I wanted to go to the Adena Cancer Center for treatment. The care and education I received there put my mind at ease and they made me feel like I was going to be okay.” 

 Samantha Mullins, Waverly 

“As crazy as it sounds, getting radiation treatment at Adena was fun. The staff and I would sing and dance during treatments and they were always telling me jokes to make me laugh. Dr. Thompson was amazing. He was very insightful and intuitive. Even when I would tell him I was fine, he knew I wasn’t. He made me feel comfortable and helped me open up.” 

Barbara Needham, Lancaster 

“Since I am a Pharmacist, I was very scared when I was first diagnosed because I knew how all the medications could affect me. I’m used to counseling cancer patients, but it’s so different when you become the patient yourself. The providers at the Adena Cancer Center taught me to take it day by day and helped put my clinical mind at ease. I never felt alone. I would recommend the Adena Cancer Center to anyone.”

The American Cancer Society recommends that women with normal risk for breast cancer start getting annual mammograms at age 40. Talk to your primary care physician to schedule yours today or call 740-779-7711.