Community News May 10, 2018

Students Transitioning From Cavaliers to Medical Professionals

Think back to your senior year of high school. Were you excited about what the future held? Or were you lost wondering what would come next? For six Chillicothe High School seniors, a look into their own future is happening now.

Concluding its second year, the AIM Program, a unique partnership between Adena Health System and Chillicothe High School, graduated its Class of 2018 this week.

AIM Program Class of 2018: Andrew Benson; Chelsea Crabtree; Kyelle Corcoran; Brittany Harper; Calvin King and Rylee Putnam.

The AIM Program started as a way to engage students with an interest in medicine and to encourage them to one day practice medicine in their hometown.

Each month, students in the program visited one of six Adena clinics and specialty services including: Palliative Care, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Internal Medicine and Oncology. Students spent their mornings working alongside providers at the hospital or in a clinic setting, while in the afternoons they would come together for hands-on lessons in Adena’s PACCAR Medical Education Center’s Simulation Lab.

“I always tell the students I am envious of them for the opportunity they have been given,” said Dustin Weaver, Chillicothe High School Principal. “I am very thankful for Adena Health System in making this partnership possible and successful.” 

The program’s 2018 graduates are grateful for the chance to learn about something that interests them in an environment that gives them greater learning opportunities.

“The AIM Program has proven that I want to pursue something in the medical field,” said Benson. “It has given me invaluable experiences that will give me an advantage in my future endeavors. By going through the rotations, I have gained knowledge of medicine that I previously did not have. I have now found specific areas that spark my interest. The AIM Program has helped guide my career and passions.”