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Stop Stressing Over Seasonal Allergies

After this long winter, spring is finally here. However, springtime can also mean seasonal allergies start to flare.

While typically not life-threatening, environmental allergies can make you feel miserable, interrupt your daily activities and can even lead to secondary respiratory infections.

Adena Health System is here to help you stop suffering. According to Dr. Dana Esham, Allergist/Immunologist with Adena ENT & Allergy, it’s best to not let your allergies get out of control before you do something about them. “So often I have people tell me they have allergies, but they ‘just live with it,’” she said. “There’s no need to live with it!”

It’s not necessary to suffer with itchy eyes, nasal congestion and those other symptoms that come with allergies. Dr. Esham recommends early treatment. “It’s much easier to control allergy symptoms if you get them before your nasal passages are aggravated and swollen,” she said.

As with all allergies, avoidance of the allergen is the most effective. But because that’s not always realist, medication and allergy shots can help control your symptoms.

Patients often self-treat allergy symptoms with over-the-counter medications that may help with some of the symptoms, but they generally don’t make much of an impact in helping the person feel completely better.

Skin testing is necessary to find out if there is something the patient can avoid to keep from having an allergic reaction, especially if the patient is asthmatic. Gone are the days of multiple shot skin tests to determine what the patient is allergic to. Today, allergy testing is mainly done with bristle-like instruments that expose the patient’s skin to various allergens.

That’s right, no needles! “We’re basically lightly scratching the skin, and if you’re allergic to it, you’re going to get a hive,” said Dr. Esham.

 Adena ENT & Allergy also offers allergy shots. “Allergy shots are a great alternative for those who wish to avoid medications or medications are not helping,” noted Dr. Esham.

 Don’t let allergies stop you from enjoying all the wonderful outdoor experiences this spring has to offer.

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