Health News January 19, 2015

Adena Pharmacy Prescription Abuse Webinar

Adena Pharmacy is leading the community in the fight against prescription drug abuse. Experts held a free webinar earlier this month sharing ways parents can educate their children of the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

The educational program is part of Adena’s partnership with the Cardinal Health Foundation, which awarded the Adena Pharmacy grant funding to promote drug abuse education in our region.

Adena Pharmacist Richard Ash developed the idea for adult outreach after recently presenting his prescription drug abuse education program to local middle school students.

“I was surprised by the number of students who have been involved or witness to someone who abuses medications or illicit drugs,” said Ash. “I knew there was more we could do to try and educate the public to help fight this epidemic in southern Ohio.”

The webinar is primarily focused on educating parents, and topics included prescription drug abuse, misuse and drug safety.