Services & Specialties September 17, 2015

Adena Surgeons Perform 1,000th Robot-assisted Surgery

Adena Health System’s robotic surgery program has reached a major milestone. Surgeons recently performed Adena’s 1,000th robot-assisted surgery. This significant event comes just one month before the program’s three-year anniversary.

On Oct. 16, 2012, Adena became the first health system in southern Ohio, located south of I-70 and east of I-71 to offer minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery to patients. Adena continues to be the only southern Ohio health system with a surgical robot.

“Adena’s robotic surgery program is making a difference in people’s lives,” said Adena President and CEO Mark Shuter. “By offering minimally-invasive, robot-assisted surgery performed by skilled surgeons, people in our community and region can be assured they are receiving the most up-to-date, quality care when they come to Adena.”

A surgical robot enables a surgeon to perform extremely precise procedures, using small incisions, in areas of the body that are difficult for the human hand to reach. Adena uses robot-assisted surgery for many types of surgeries including: women’s surgery, prostate surgery, general surgery, and some lung procedures. Because robotic surgery is less invasive, the body heals faster and patients are back on their feet – and back to work sooner.

“The number of days we’ve saved patients from being in the hospital, to them being in their home is incredible,” said Adena General Surgeon Dr. Bill Sever. “We have also minimized the patient’s risk for infection by getting them out of the hospital much sooner; and you can’t quantify those savings.”

Adena’s robot-trained surgeons are performing more single-site surgeries (one point of entry at the patient’s naval) than any other surgeons in Ohio; and the third most single-site, robot-assisted surgeries in the nation.

It’s estimated that since robot-assisted surgery began at Adena in Oct. 2012, Adena’s surgeons using the surgical robot system have saved patients approximately 950 days in the hospital. This is due to the minimally-invasive aspects of robotic surgery. When considering the average cost of caring for a post-operative patient in Ohio is about $2,200 a day, Adena’s robot-assisted surgery option has saved patients in our region more than $2 million.

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