Community News April 16, 2016

Operating Room Sprinkler Incident

Friday evening at approximately 5:30pm, a sprinkler head in Adena Regional Medical Center was accidentally triggered by a member of the Environmental Services staff during routine OR cleaning. The incident triggered a Code Red alarm, and Adena’s internal response team and members of the Green Township Fire Department were dispatched. There was NO fire at any time in or near the affected operating room. Additionally, patient care was not impacted in any way.

Crews from a professional cleaning company are performing terminal cleaning this weekend to prepare OR 1 for use. Equipment including surgical lighting and power sources are being evaluated for any water damage or need for repair. Other Operating Rooms were inspected and have not been impacted by the water incident. They will be fully operational Monday.

The Surgery Department has assessed Monday's surgery schedule, and will be able to work around the down OR, accommodating all surgeries currently scheduled.