Services & Specialties October 04, 2013

Adena selects New Ambulance Transport Company

Effective, December 1, 2013, Adena Health System will enter into a contract with MedCare for patient transport services. These services were previously performed by three ambulance companies.  Like Adena, MedCare is a not-for-profit service, where all resources from operating the services go back into the business to achieve the highest level of service to patients and caregivers.

Adena recently issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) where companies submitted their bids to provide ambulance services for patients between other facilities and Adena.  MedCare offered the bid for the most comprehensive service to meet the needs of Adena’s patients throughout its 12-county service region. This includes improved transport times, increased MICU coverage, and improved cost to the patient due to billing patients the minimum allowable amount by law.

MedCare ambulances will transport patients to Adena locations from other hospitals, nursing and long-term care centers for inpatient transfer, or assessment and testing not available in these facilities. According to MedCare, the company expects to hire at least 30 people to accommodate their increased transport schedule.  Patients and Adena caregivers should not notice any change in processes, and a smooth transition is expected.