Adena Health Focus June 08, 2021

Summer activity challenge to raise scholarship dollars

Over the past year, COVID-19 likely has you a little tired of the household routine. You’re sick of trying to find something new to stream, done with chores you wouldn’t touch if there were other things to do, running out of ways to rearrange the furniture in a hopeless quest for something different.

Enter the Adena Health Foundation, in conjunction with Adena Sports Medicine, with an answer to your COVID fatigue while at the same time offering the chance to help local high school athletes as they look ahead to college.

Community members this summer are invited to take part in the inaugural IM-PAC Virtual Challenge, an event designed to keep you and your family busy all summer long.

“This year, we wanted to do something different that would encourage people to get outside, enjoy the outdoors and just kind of get away from COVID,” said Melissa Richendollar, Director of Rehabilitation Services. “This gives them some structured things to do.”

Those who may be interested in participating can visit to learn more and to sign up. They will then receive an email from Adena Sports Medicine with additional instructions that will include how to get the challenge app.

The event, a fundraiser for the annual Athlete of the Year scholarships awarded by the organization to local high school athletes, will take the place of the Paint Creek Palooza fundraising event that was held for three years prior to COVID-19’s arrival last year. According to Richendollar, the IM-PAC Virtual Challenge is an exciting offering because while the Paint Creek Palooza was enjoyable for participants over the course of a day, this latest offering spans the entire summer and can involve entire families.

The virtual challenge, running from May 28 through September 10 with registration available through July 5, is guided by a smartphone application that participants will receive a link to after registering. The app provides information on 14 activities designed to improve body, mind and soul. Included among them are such things as visiting the Hopewell mound sites or other National Historic Parks, participating in an outdoor fitness activity, playing an outdoor game, completing a fitness trail at a park or other outdoor fitness area, volunteering in some capacity, enjoying an evening campfire and several others.

Participants will have to submit photos of themselves taking part in the activities and, in some cases, accompany the photo with a few details of what they did while completing the particular challenge. The app also may have some interactive features including short videos of encouragement from the team that created the event or special pop-up challenges that will be optional.

Even though the activities list in the app mentions activity locations that are local to participants from the counties Adena serves, they are generic enough that where participants perform a specific challenge is not important.

“It can be done from anywhere,” Richendollar said. “We can reach people who are family members who are in another state and literally they could do this from anywhere. We embedded some of our local parks and things like that as ideas, but you really could do this anywhere, you just have to send us a picture showing you completed the challenge.”

The challenges may be completed in any order.

To take part, an individual scholarship donation of $30 per person is required, although donations of $50, $100 or other custom amounts will be accepted. Any family or team of up to four participants at $100 each will receive a medal as a token of completion. Incentive prizes are being planned in several categories, as well as other giveaways.

Because the challenge runs the entire summer, those not already registered by the May 28 start date will still have the opportunity to register until July 5, allowing ample time to be able to complete all 14 activities.

So put down the remote, deal with that cluttered closet a little longer and leave the living room sofa where it is. The I Matter-Personal Activity Challenge (IM-PAC) and the summer of fun it promises await.

Anyone with questions about the IM-PAC Challenge may call 740-779-4891 or email

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