Adena Physicians & Staff November 21, 2016

New Parking Lot Set to Open and Project Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, both in front of the hospital and behind the scenes, as multiple projects related to Adena Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department expansion and renovation took steps forward. 

The most visible progress is the new parking lot being built along Hospital Road. Crews have been working for several weeks to expand the once small gravel lot into a new 237-space lot with lighting, sidewalks and more.

“Everything is starting to look complete,” said Vice President of ARMC Nick Alexander. “Crews have been busy finishing the asphalt and adding striping, lighting, sidewalks and putting in pedestrian crossing signs. I estimate we will be opening the new parking lot for caregivers and the public on Monday, Dec. 5.”

With winter on the way, Alexander added other parking lots around the main campus will not be impacted by construction until sometime in early 2017. 

While all of that work was being done in a very noticeable setting, ED caregivers, Adena leaders, architects and others gathered in the ground floor of the Adena Wellness Center to walk through three mock-up emergency rooms. The full-scale mock-ups of an exam room, a rescue room and a triage room were built to exact room sizes, giving the group a chance to tweak and perfect the layout to assure we get the greatest efficiency once the project is complete.

“It was important for us to do this to ensure these rooms have the proper layout and space for all of the equipment, and to allow for the flow that will best meet a patient’s care needs,” Alexander said. “Does the exam room have enough space when you have a patient, their family and our caregivers all present? Is there enough room to hold supplies? Is the sink in the right location? Is the bed in the right place? Everything is about making sure we have the input of those physicians and caregivers who will be working in the space, and to make sure we are meeting those needs before we go into the design phase. Once we are into design - that is final. This walk through was to help finalize how ED caregivers want to see these rooms when they are built. The architects and designers will take what they learned and make adjustments to the architectural renderings and designs, allowing us to get that next phase going”