CEO Corner September 12, 2018

Community Spirit Shines

Adena, and most of the hospitals in the U.S. have not had an event the magnitude of the one we recently faced with the large-scale emergency incident at Ross Correctional Institution (RCI). While our caregivers participate in mass casualty response training on a regular basis with local EMS, fire and law enforcement, that training doesn’t compare to the experience of having the real thing come through your doors. 

Thankfully, we were ready.

The morning hours on Aug. 29 were tense, and countless people did what comes naturally -- we took care of our own – family, friends and neighbors. First responders at RCI, along with local EMS, immediately prepared patients for further care. When they arrived at Adena, our caregivers were ready for them and provided the care each patient needed in order to get home safely to their families.  

While Adena was handling the health care aspect of the emergency, many of our community partners selflessly jumped in to help in any way they could. Because in this region, that’s what we do. Whether a local or state health organization supplying Narcan; law enforcement officers to help manage traffic flow; nearby businesses sending their Emergency Response teams to help decontaminate our staff; or local businesses donating food to our Command Center and ED staff – this community came together in a time of crisis.

The level of care and collaboration among so many individuals and entities is humbling and encouraging. Together, we worked to make sure people in our community were safe, had everything they needed to assure safety and comfort, and the community bond was strengthened among all of us. 

This region is made up of people who take care of our own – in good times and bad. Adena is proud to be part of this community and here to deliver the care our community needs, under any circumstance.

I want to express my deep appreciation to all of those individuals, organizations and groups who came to our assistance during this crisis; and commit that our bonds of community and partnership will continue and flourish well into the future.


Jeff Graham, President and CEO

Adena Health System


Adena Health System thanks to the following community partners for their assistance:

  • Ross County Health Department
  • Ohio Department of Health
  • Hopewell Health Partners
  • Paint Valley ADAMH
  • Ohio Highway Patrol
  • Ross Correctional Institution
  • Ross County Sheriff’s Office
  • Ross County EMS and local EMS teams
  • Kenworth Emergency Response Team
  • Glatfelter Emergency Response Team
  • MedFlight
  • MedCare
  • Portsmouth Ambulance
  • Berger Health
  • Christy’s Pizza
  • McDonald’s