Services & Specialties June 12, 2013

Adena Surgeon First in U.S. to Use New Shoulder Implant

Adena Health System today hosted a live, international surgery simulcast to Germany and sites across the United States. Dr. Brian S. Cohen, an Adena orthopaedic surgeon and chair of Adena Bone and Joint, performed the surgery where he installed a state-of-the-art reverse shoulder implant in a 72-year old patient.  Dr. Cohen is the first surgeon in the U.S. to implant the Arthrex Reverse Universe device into a patient since the implant was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on May 31, 2013.

Dr. Cohen, a respected orthopaedic surgeon, also teaches surgical orthopaedic techniques to other physicians. In addition, he contributed to the actual design of the new implant. “When I first saw the Arthrex Reverse Universe about five years ago, there were certain things that I felt – from doing the procedure – that were missing from the implant which were essential,” said Dr. Cohen. “Some of those changes have been implemented.”

The new device is more cost effective, and uses technology not previously available in reverse shoulder implants. This technology is expected to provide a better, longer lasting bond over time. Of his contributions, Dr. Cohen added, “It is nice when people take stock in what you believe is important in helping your patients have a successful outcome, and then to implement them into a prosthesis.”

Reverse shoulder implant surgery is intended to replace the ball and socket of the rotator cuff, giving the patient better range of motion. Following reverse shoulder implant surgery, the part of the human shoulder which once held the socket now holds the ball and vice versa. By reversing the components of the shoulder, the patient’s mobility is greatly improved and most often leads to a better quality of life after surgery.

The patient suffered a torn rotator cuff injury several years ago and had an extensive course of traditional treatments for pain and mobility. Over time, the tear evolved to the point it had become debilitating and impacted his quality of life. Reverse shoulder implant surgery is often necessary when a patient suffers a rotator cuff injury or joint degeneration.

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