Community News April 15, 2016

Adena Health System & Foundation Release 2015 Annual Reports

Adena Health System and the Adena Health Foundation have released their 2015 Annual Reports.

The history of Adena Health System spans more than 120 years; and 2015 was one of remarkable achievements. A major highlight of 2015 was the completed renovation of the historic Carlisle Building. The facility, once gutted by arson, now serves as a home for visiting Adena medical students, and a catalyst for revitalization in downtown Chillicothe.

“In 2015, Adena Health System took a renewed vision of the original intent of our founders and adopted a new vision statement; ‘To be instrumental in creating healthy and thriving communities,’” said Adena President & CEO Mark Shuter. “As the primary healthcare provider to people living in our 12-county service area, Adena has taken on the challenge of working to resolve many of the health conditions facing our patients and communities. Often these conditions can contribute to social issues facing many people and families in our region. In these annual reports, I am confident you will gain a greater understanding of the quality care Adena provides for its patients, as well as the value it has on the lives of people and communities throughout south central and southern Ohio.” 

Continue to view Adena Health System’s and Adena Health Foundation’s 2015 Annual Reports.