Services & Specialties February 25, 2013

Allergies Can Impact Your Quality of Life Year-round

Is your nose congested or runny?  Do you sneeze, cough or clear your throat often?   Unbeknownst to many, these symptoms are often caused by allergies – even in the winter months.  There are many medications and therapies that can prevent these symptoms and improve the quality of your daily life.     

My name is Dana Esham, and I joined Adena Health System in July.  I am board certified in pediatrics and allergy/immunology.  My practice offers treatment for nasal congestion, chronic sinus infections, drainage in the back of the throat, sneezing, itching, blocked/full ears, throat clearing, coughing, wheezing, asthma, hives, contact rashes, eczema, bee sting allergies, food or drug allergies and recurrent infections/immunodeficiency. 

Health care should be patient centered.  Every patient is unique and requires a testing and treatment plan specifically tailored to his or her needs.  This may include skin or blood testing, patch testing, spirometry (breathing tests), nasal smear, penicillin testing, drug allergy challenge or food allergy challenge.  Treatment options may include avoidance of allergens, medications or a new, accelerated method of administering allergy shots. 

I believe education is the key to a healthy existence and a happy life; therefore it is the most important aspect of my practice.  My nurses are specifically trained in asthma and allergy education and we teach our patients about the cause of their symptoms and the treatment options that are available, helping them to better understand why they are taking medication.  In addition, each patient receives an informational book which includes their individualized health plan.

Allergies can have a major impact on your daily life.  You would be amazed how much better you can breathe, sleep, taste and/or smell through comprehensive treatment and education.  If you are experiencing allergy related problems, please contact our office at 740-779-4393 or you can request an appointment online.  We are located in Adena Regional Medical Center’s Medical Office Building, Suite G70.

- Dr. Dana Esham