Community News September 11, 2020

Adena Health Foundation Receives Trust Transfer to Support Scholarship Funds

The Adena Health Foundation is built on its strength of supporters whose generosity enhances health care for people in our region today, tomorrow, and for years to come. One of the many ways the Foundation is able to accomplish this is through scholarship programs for students pursuing degrees in the health care field. 

The Foundation recently received over $20,000 from the G. Howard Wood, M.D. Medical and Nursing Student Loan Trust. This gracious amount was presented to the Foundation by its Trustees Bob Hess and Bambi Huffman.  

The Trustees determined after nearly 30 years that is was an appropriate time to turn the remaining assets over to the Adena Health Foundation, where the funds will memorialize Dr. G. Howard Wood and be used for outright grants of scholarships to medical and nursing students from Ross County, further fulfilling the original purpose of the Trust.

Dr. G. Howard Wood’s wife, Jane, had set up the Trust in 1991 as a memorial to her late husband. Dr. Wood began the practice of general medicine in Chillicothe in 1947 and retired in 1983.

“The only way that this is even possible, is because of our friends, community partners and supporters,” said H. E. Beau Bowman, III, Executive Director, Adena Health Foundation. “We are all so very thankful to have earned their trust when making philanthropic investments.” 

For their generous contribution, Dr. and Mrs. Wood will be added to the Adena Health Foundation’s Legacy Society. This is a special group of friends and supporters who have made a planned gift supporting Adena and the care of our communities.

For more information on the Adena Health Foundation, visit or call 740-779-7528.