Services & Specialties March 08, 2013

Adena Performs 100th Robotic Surgery

Since October 17, 2012, Adena surgeons have performed more than 100 robotic surgeries.  On Wednesday, March 6, Dr. Bill Sever performed our 100th robotic-assisted procedure, a cholecystectomy on a 46-year old woman.

In just five months, the number of physicians performing surgery with the da Vinci ® robotic surgery system has increased from three to seven, resulting in more types of robotic-assisted surgeries being available for patients. In addition, based on Adena’s performance with robotic surgery, industry experts with Intuit recently praised the Health System’s program as one of the top performing robotics programs in the state of Ohio.

Adena remains the only hospital in south central and southern Ohio offering robotic surgery.  Previously patients who would benefit from this minimally invasive technology were sent to facilities in Columbus and Cincinnati to have their surgeries.  By having our own surgical robot, Adena’s patients are able to have surgeries that commonly utilize this technology close to home.

Check out our robotics page to learn more.