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Adena Kidney Specialists, located in the Adena Medical Office Building in Chillicothe, Ohio, focuses on Adena’s mission: to heal, to educate, to care. The kidney specialists, called nephrologists, heal by addressing patient healthcare needs and making every effort to improve their condition. They educate by taking the time to give patients needed health information, including information about dialysis and ways patients can improve their condition. The nephrologists also demonstrate care by being personable, open, and honest. The physicians follow Adena’s guiding principle: "Let all that you do be done in love" - 1 Cor. 16:14

Research studies have shown that patients seek a physician whom they trust and who is caring, highly talented, and educated, especially in a specialty practice. The Adena Kidney Specialists build relationships and trust by talking with patients during each visit and remembering something special about everyone. These relationships encourage open communication and in-depth questions.

Kidney issues can be caused by genetic problems, injury, or medication issues. Certain chronic illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure also can contribute to kidney issues. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to limiting kidney damage. To help patients achieve this goal, Adena Kidney Specialists follow these practices:

  • Provide a thorough exam of every patient to ensure no missed opportunity to provide complete care.
  • Make reminder calls to patients for appointments and labs.
  • Provide pamphlets, in addition to taking time to personally educate patients.
  • Utilize telemedicine for real-time communication with the Ohio State University transplant clinic.
  • Use electronic medical records to allow teamwork between primary care physicians and specialists.

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