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Specialties at Adena Family Medicine - Main Campus Clinic

Family Medicine


Primary Care

Residency Clinic

Adena Family Medicine – Main Campus Clinic provides a full spectrum of primary care to patients of all ages. Our practice is staffed by licensed doctors, called medical residents, who are supervised by attending physicians with decades of experience. Both a resident and an attending family medicine physician will see you, offering you a second opinion and twice the level of care in one visit. Typically, medical residents practice with Adena for three years.

Attending family medicine physicians who oversee residents are with the practice for much longer, offering you consistent care throughout the years.

We accept Medicaid and most forms of insurance and offer financial assistance through Adena Regional Medical Center for patients without health insurance.

At Adena Family Medicine – Main Campus Clinic, our doctors are experienced in treating kids of all ages, from infants to teenagers. Whether your little one – or not so little one – is coping with a skin condition, an earache, the flu, asthma, a schoolyard mishap or just growing pains, we’re here to help. We also offer referrals to specialists as needed.

Meet our Family Medicine Residents!

Amanda Jude, DO

Faraaz Siddiqui, DO

 Jennifer Ganzhorn, MD

Stephanie Richcreek, DO

Shandra Basil, DO

 Samidha Dutta, DO

Courtney Boyd, DO

Colleen Laurent, DO


Phone Number: 740-779-4900


4461 State Route 159 A Chillicothe, OH 45601