Pride Month Spotlight: Allie Goins

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Adena Health System recognizes LGBTQ+ caregivers in all levels of health care that serve and care for the well-being of others every day. 

Adena is committed to creating an inclusive environment that respects the human dignity and diversity of each member of the Adena family.

Inclusion is the cornerstone for engagement. Can someone be fully engaged if they are not included? A sense of inclusion allows caregivers to feel like their voice matters, are accepted, and that they belong. Brene Brown once said, “Only when diverse perspectives are included, respected, and valued can we start to get a full picture of the world; who we serve, what they need, and how to successfully meet people where they are.” Inclusion also has an influence on psychological safety- being able to show and employ one’s self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career. 

Everyone deserves and will be treated fairly and equitably at Adena. We recognize and celebrate the value of diverse cultures, beliefs, identities and race.

Meet Allie Goins, Director of Nursing. She is a wife and mom of three children. Born and raised in northwest Ohio, she found inclusion was not always discussed. She met her wife, Jess, in 2008 and they married in Central Park in 2014. The couple did not want to get married out of state, but that was the only option at that time. She has a love for nature and fine arts and earned her degree in music education. Allie lives each day with morals, values and passion to serve others, as nursing became her calling and career. Thank you Allie for all you do each day as an Adena caregiver and for the LGBTQ+ communities in which we serve.

As we continue to become a more diverse organization, it’s important to continue our journey with diversity, equity, and inclusion.