The PACCAR Medical Education Center is located on Adena’s Chillicothe campus and serves as a learning site and conference center for both health system staff and community members.

A Flexible, Functional Space

From small meetings to large conferences, the PACCAR Medical Education Center can meet virtually any need you have. The Center includes:

  • The Kenworth Auditorium, which features full technological and teleconferencing capabilities and comfortable accommodations for up to 136 people
  • A thoughtfully designed, interactive-video, distance-learning classroom for up to 32 people
  • Modern, spacious, state-of-the-art accommodations
  • Five standard classrooms, which can be recorded and/or broadcast to other classrooms
  • Two additional conference rooms for up to 14 people each

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Our Facility

The PACCAR Medical Education Center opened in September 2008 as a result of cooperation between Adena Health System; local, state, and federal officials; and the community. Through private philanthropy and grants, our community raised more than $5 million to support the construction of the PACCAR Center while Adena contributed $10 million.

Degrees, Certificates and Training Opportunities

In addition to hosting the Wright State Miami Valley College of Nursing and Health’s bachelor’s degree in nursing program, the Institute for Learning is home to the David Meade Massie Virtual Hospital, a best-in-class simulation lab that mimics real-life patient care situations in a safe environment.

Proud to Be Green 

Our facility was built for energy efficiency. In fact, we’ve been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council for our design, construction and operation as a high-performance green building.

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The Virtual Hospital

Realistic training in a safe learning environment

Our Virtual Hospital suite, located in the PACCAR medical education building hosts cutting edge technology used in the training of our residents, medical students, and students other allied health professions. This suite allows for virtual encounters with highly responsive, life-like mannequins to ensure that residents are able to hone their skills with difficult procedures throughout their training. We use this space for training codes, central lines, intubations, arterial punctures, and for many other common procedures. Not only will interns and residents participate in scheduled lab exercises, but they are also encouraged to practice skills when time permits in their schedules. 

The premier simulation facility promotes a realistic, safe learning environment using simulators that mimic 70,000 human responses to medications, tests and treatments. These simulators can be used to teach both healthcare providers and students new skills, evaluate current levels of performance and promote team communication.

Through this incredible high-tech environment, you’ll:

Experience a variety of departments. The virtual hospital includes an emergency department bed, an intensive care bed, two med-surg beds, a pediatric room and even a crib.

Treat “patients” of all ages. With six simulators, ranging from infant to adult sizes, you’ll experience common scenarios and use equipment that is typically used in a live setting.

Perform multiple high-risk procedures. For example, you may practice defibrillation, chest tube insertion, needle decompression and intubation on one simulator.

Improve customer service. A nurse’s station can double as a front desk to focus on customer service training.

View and evaluate your performance. With the ability to record from any room or station, all simulations can be reviewed in one of three debriefing rooms.

Conference Center Info

A Place to Gather and Learn