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Adena's Dr. Britten Young on women's heart health

Britten Young’s father was a dynamic influence in her be­coming a physician. And his history of heart disease had an overwhelming bearing on her decision to specialize in cardiology.

Today, although much more is known about heart disease, compared to when Dr. Young’s dad had a pacemaker in­stalled decades ago, there’s still much uncertainty about the heart health of women.

“Each year, one in four women in the U.S. dies as a result of heart disease. And the main cause of death in women each year is from heart disease and stroke, as compared to all cancers combined,” the cardiologist said.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of heart attack experi­enced by men are not the same as those experienced by women, Dr. Young explained inside the offices of Adena Cardiology in the Adena Regional Medical Center.

“With men, the predominant symptoms are crushing, central chest pain that can radiate to the arms, accom­panied by nausea and vomiting.”

But for women, “It’s sometimes only nausea and vomit­ing, and they usually confuse it with having a bit of the flu. And sometimes they just get a little short of breath.”

As the “designated health directors” in most families, women are taught to believe that crushing chest pain is the sure-sign of a heart attack, not knowing that most women never experience that single symptom.

“Too often, they don’t think about themselves,” Dr. Young said. In her new position with the Adena Health System, she is hoping to raise the awareness of heart disease among women.

Because heart attack symptoms for women are so differ­ent from those of men, it’s important that women know what to look for and to seek help.

“If you walk a distance or do heavy housework and you become nauseated, sweaty or light-headed, and you feel sick to your stomach, that could be your heart.”

Dr. Young said heart disease is a major concern in south­ern Ohio. “We have a lot of diabetes, hypertension and obesity, all of which contribute to heart disease.”

On the other hand, “there’s a lot of potential” for patients if heart disease is identified and treated before it be­comes deadly.

“You have a lot of power over how your heart works. It’s an organ that can get better in most cases,” she said.

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