Why Deliver Your Baby at Adena

Top 10 Reasons to Deliver at Adena

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1. Experience and expertise. The nursing staff at the Women and Children’s Center at Adena average more than 10 years of experience. Many hold bachelor’s degrees and additional certification in their areas of expertise such as obstetrics, fetal monitoring, and high-risk newborn care. From certified childbirth educators to newborn experts, all of our caregivers are here to ensure that you and your infant receive the best care possible.

2. Clinical quality excellence. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the highest quality care. Adena Health System has been recognized in our region for performing better than benchmark in areas such as percent of deliveries prior to full term, percent of episiotomies performed, C-section rate for low-risk first birth moms, and percent of C-section surgical site infections.

3. Childbirth education classes. The more you know what to expect when you’re expecting, the more comfortable you’ll feel when it’s time to deliver. Our prenatal classes cover topics including symptoms of pre-term labor, induction, C-section risks, labor and delivery expectations. We’ll also help you prepare to bring your baby home with classes on breastfeeding, bathing, infant CPR, and even a class for big brothers and sisters.

4. A comfortable, caring environment. Adena has seven spacious Labor/Delivery/Recovery (LDR) suites. Built in 2010, the center was designed by doctors, nurses, and other moms with your comfort in mind. Each LDR suite has a private bathroom, state-of-the-art equipment, and a recliner so your loved one can stay in comfort throughout your labor and delivery.

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5. Dedicated surgical suites. Although Adena’s overall C-section rate is 27.7 percent, lower than national averages, our unit features a fully equipped surgical suite so you can stay with the same doctors and nurses who have cared for you throughout your pregnancy.

6. Level II Special Care Unit. If your baby is born as early as 32 weeks or has special healthcare needs, specially trained physicians, certified nurses, and technology will ensure your infant gets the care he or she needs. Our pediatricians also can consult via telemedicine with the experts at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

7. Technological advances. Our unit is equipped with the most modern and up-to-date equipment, allowing us to provide you and your baby with the highest standard of care. In addition to specialized equipment and real-time connections to clinical specialists via telemedicine, Adena offers centralized fetal monitoring which ensures a rapid response to any changes in the baby’s heart rate during delivery and a high-tech infant security system that provides you with the ease of knowing your infant will be safe while in our care.

8. A place to connect as a new family. Designed with the idea that families want and need to be together after the birth, our postpartum rooms offer amenities to keep you and your family comfortable. Some features include wireless Internet and a fold-out couch for Dad. The rooms are plenty big for your new baby to room in with you. Once you’ve delivered, our visitation policy meets the needs of new parents, so you’ll cherish the memories of your baby’s experiences for a lifetime.

9. Breastfeeding support. Our certified lactation consultants are available to educate and support new moms who choose to breastfeed. They teach breastfeeding classes, provide one-on-one support in the unit once your baby is born, and are available for consultation once you take your baby home. We also have several certified lactation counselors to provide breastfeeding support throughout your stay.

10. Continuity of care. From prenatal visits through pediatric well checks, Adena provides a full spectrum of care to meet your family’s health needs. Our physicians will be by your side as the needs of your family change and grow.

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