InterStim Therapy offered at Adena Urology for patients with bladder control problems

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Interstim Therapy is a procedure designed to help men and women with bladder control problems. Symptoms include severe urinary frequency, urgency and urge incontinence.

The procedure works by implanting a small medical device to send mild electrical pulses to the sacral nerve. Located just above the tailbone, this nerve controls the bladder and surrounding muscles that manage urinary function. The stimulation helps the brain and the nerves to communicate so the bladder and related muscles can function properly. The electrical stimulation often eliminates or relieves symptoms in most patients.

InterStim Therapy is a reversible treatment that can be discontinued at any time by turning off or removing the implanted device.

A physician's examination and evaluation can determine whether you are a candidate for InterStim Therapy.

Request an appointment today with Adena Urology by calling us at (740) 779-4370. 

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