Sports Physicals

Maximizing Sports Physicals: More than a Box to Check

The health and wellness of our children is one of our greatest responsibilities. Children up to age 18 are growing, and require regular care - most often with an annual wellness exam/checkup. An annual wellness exam includes a comprehensive examination to track your child’s health, growth and to assure immunizations are up to date. If your child has not had a well visit with their primary care provider or pediatrician in the past 12 months, the annual wellness exam is usually covered by your insurance at no charge to you.

For children who participate in athletics, a sports physical is another annual health care need. Sports physicals are not included as part of the annual wellness exam. While generally not covered by insurance, Adena offers sports physicals for a minimal charge of $25. Wellness exams and sports physicals are available at all locations of Adena Family Medicine, Adena Pediatrics, Urgent Care and Walk-In clinics.

Should I schedule an appointment for my child?

If you are an established patient, you may call your regular primary care or pediatric clinic to schedule an appointment for a wellness exam and/or sports physical. If you are a new patient, you may call 740-779-FIND (3463) to find the primary care provider that is right for you. Additionally, walk-in visits are welcome at all Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic locations in: Circleville, Chillicothe, Hillsboro, Jackson and Waverly. 

What if my child is not an established Adena patient?

Your child does not have to be established with Adena to be seen. For continuity of care, if they have a regular medical provider, we encourage you to seek care (including immunizations) from that provider. However, if you would like to transition your care to Adena, we can facilitate that change and obtain your child’s medical records as appropriate. Your child does not need to be or become an established Adena patient to have a $25 sports physical at any of our Urgent Care or Walk-In Clinic locations.

Where can I find the Sports Physical paperwork?

For your convenience, Adena providers have the latest Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) forms available. To view the form online, visit

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