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Preventive Health Screenings in South Central Ohio

Imagine reducing or eliminating your risk of developing colorectal cancer well before the disease ever surfaces. Or, learning that you are pre-diabetic and changing your lifestyle and diet instead of developing type 2 diabetes. These scenarios are common occurrences thanks to preventive health screenings offered by Adena primary care physicians in south central Ohio. As part of monitoring your ongoing wellness, Adena offers an array of screenings and preventive measures to keep you healthy and reduce your chances of developing a chronic disease.

So what screenings are right for you? It all depends on your age and lifestyle. Generally, physicians recommend the following:

Routine checkups that include a personal health history, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), physical exam, preventative screening, and counseling:



Infants-age 2

Several times a year based on physician’s recommendations

Children ages 2-21

Annually; more frequent visits may be required for those with chronic conditions

Adults ages 22-49

Every 1-3 years depending on lifestyle, personal health history, etc.

Adults ages 50+



Preventive health screenings have been shown to reduce your chances of developing diseases. Your primary care physician should perform the following preventive health measures regularly:

  • Blood pressure should be checked at every visit to a primary care physician.
  • Cholesterol should be checked every 5 years.
  • Body mass index (BMI) should be measured annually for those who are overweight or suffer from eating disorders.
  • Sexually transmitted infections should be screened for annually for all individuals who are sexually active (note: screening for sexually transmitted infections can typically be included in a women’s wellness exam). 

In addition to preventive health screenings, cancer screenings are an important aspect of health maintenance. Cancer screenings can detect cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage. If caught early, treatment is typically easier and the chances of surviving are much higher. Adena offers these cancer screenings:

Breast Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer Screening

  • Who should receive screening: A pap test is recommended for women within 3 years of first sexual intercourse or by age 21 then every 1-3 years for women ages 21-29 and every five years for women ages 30-65 depending on risk factors.
  • Where screenings are available: Pap tests can be performed by your primary care physician or OB/GYN. To schedule an appointment with Adena OB/GYN, call 740-779-7201 or request an appointment online.


Skin Cancer Screening

  • Who should receive screening: All children and adults should be screened every 3 years until age 40 and then annually after that.
  • Where screenings are available: Skin cancer screenings can be performed by your Adena primary care physician during a regular preventive care exam. Need help finding a primary care provider? Search online or call 740-779-FIND (3463).

Lung Cancer Screening

  • Who should receive screening: Lung cancer screening is recommended for people ages 55-74 who currently smoke or who quit within the past 15 years, and who smoked an equivalent of 30 pack years (i.e. a pack a day for 30 years or 2 packs a day for 15 years).
  • Where screenings are available: Adena offers lung cancer screenings, which consist of a low-dose CT scan, at the Adena Medical Center. Call 740-542-LUNG (5864) to schedule your screening.

Colorectal/Colon Cancer Screening

  • Who should receive screening: Colonoscopy is the preferred method of screening for colon and rectal cancers, according to the American College of Physicians. A colonoscopy is recommended every 10 years for people ages 50 and older and for those under 50 with risk factors including a family history of colon cancer, a personal history of polyps or inflammatory bowel disease, or African American ethnicity.
  • Where screenings are available: Talk to your primary care physician about your personal risk factors and when to schedule your colonoscopy. Find an Adena primary care provider by searching online or calling 740-779-FIND (3463).

Prostate Cancer

  • Who should receive screening: An annual digital rectum exam (DRE) or prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test is recommended for all men ages 50 and older and may be recommended for those younger who are at higher risk of developing testicular or prostate cancer.
  • Where screenings are available: Screenings can be performed by your primary care physician. Search online for an Adena primary care physician or call 740-779-FIND (3463).

Head and Neck Cancer Screening

  • Who should receive screening: Screenings are recommended for people who:
    • Smoke or use smokeless tobacco
    • Drink alcohol
    • Experience pain or have a lump or sore in the mouth that won’t go away
    • Have difficulty swallowing
    • Experience hoarseness
    • Where screenings are available: Your primary care physician can recommend which type of screening is appropriate for you—X-ray, CT scan, MRI, endoscopy, laryngoscopy, or neurological and hearing tests. An annual oral exam is recommended for everyone and should be performed by your dentist at every check-up.  

 Call your Adena physician to schedule your annual exam and your preventive screenings. If you don’t have a physician, Search online or call 740-779-FIND (3463).


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