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As your body’s shock absorbers, your feet rely upon a complex network of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments to keep you moving forward. It’s easy to ignore your feet and lower legs until they hurt or something goes wrong, which is where Adena podiatrists come in. Podiatrists are licensed doctors trained to diagnose and treat injuries, diseases and other conditions of the foot, ankle and lower leg. 

Adena podiatrists can help you with everything from common foot problems such as ingrown toenails and bunions to not-so-common foot problems such as tumors and congenital deformities. We understand the impact ongoing foot and ankle problems can have on the quality of your daily life and we’ll partner with you to develop a personalized treatment plan for your specific condition. 

Adena Podiatry is part of the Adena Bone and Joint Center and offers you a variety of treatment options, including physical therapy, medications, injections and surgical intervention. The good news is many foot and ankle injuries don’t require surgery. Our podiatrists start with conservative treatment options and only consider surgery after less invasive approaches fail.  

Adena Podiatry also offers Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNPs) who specialize in podiatry, diabetic wound care and nail care. Because diabetes can harm blood vessels in the foot, ankle and lower leg, it can be harder for wounds to heal and may lead to pain, numbness, tingling and muscle weakness. Our CNPs focus on treating a range of diabetic complications and also enjoy educating patients about the benefits of proper foot and nail care in general. 

Adena Podiatry offers expert care for a full range of foot, ankle and lower extremity conditions, including: 

  • Ligament and tendon injuries 
  • Fractures, dislocations and other traumas
  • Joint pain and arthritis
  • Bunions, hammertoes, and flat feet
  • Infections and tumors of the foot and ankle
  • Diabetic foot, including ulcers and infections
  • Sports-related injuries, such as Achilles tendon 
  • Loss of joint and muscle function caused by disease or injury
  • Nerve disorders such as neuroma and tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Pediatric problems such as leg length discrepancy
  • Nerve disorders 
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Plantar warts
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