Checkup Schedule

Congratulations! You’ve just brought your newborn home from the hospital. So how do you keep baby happy and healthy? Start by knowing when it’s time for baby’s normal checkups. Don’t be surprised--baby is going to see the doc a lot as he grows! These wellness checkups are for just that – to check growth and development, record height and weight, give regular immunizations, and provide for mom and dad to ask questions and talk about concerns with the doctor. Below is a recommended schedule for your child’s wellness checkups.

  • 3-5 days old Exam
  • 1 month old Exam
  • 2 months old Exam & immunizations
  • 4 months old Exam & immunizations
  • 6 months old Exam & immunizations
  • 9 months old Exam
  • 12 months old Exam & immunizations
  • 15 months old Exam & immunizations
  • 18 months old Exam & immunizations
  • 2 years old Exam & immunizations, vision screen
  • 3 years old Exam, tests & vision screen
  • 4 years old Exam & immunizations, vision & hearing screen
  • 5 years old Exam, tests & vision & hearing screens
  • Every year after that Exam each year, immunizations at 11 or 12 years old
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