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Adena specialist helps ease longtime farmer’s pain

After a lifetime on the farm, Wayne Bryant is a perfect example of why quality interventional pain management can be so important in maintaining the best possible quality of life.

“Farm work is a lot of abuse on your body, a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of turning with wrenches in the shop, which puts stress on everything,” the 73-year-old Frankfort area farmer said. “I’ve got arthritis in my hands to where I can hardly shut them anymore. My younger years until I was about 40, we baled hay and straw and loaded wagons up, that’s a lot of bending and lifting, and with tractor and combine work, you’re sitting in those for 12 to 14 hours at a time. You’ve got stress running the combine, there’s nothing like it.”

Those stresses left Wayne struggling with back trouble for years and led to a knee replacement. When the pain began to significantly impact his day-to-day life, he found the help he needed close to home in Adena interventional pain management specialist Dr. Andrew Porter.

Dr. Porter was recommended to Wayne by the farmer’s son-in-law, who had found relief for his own back problems with the physician and continues to work with him. In addition to the steroid treatments, which he said helps him through months-long fishing trips to Florida when he’s not in Ohio, Wayne said it is Dr. Porter’s approach with his patients that makes him feel comfortable in his care.

“I just like his demeanor – he’s a real nice fellow and he seems real caring,” Wayne said. “I just like him. He sat down and talked to me about how my back was the same as his father-in-law’s, it just wasn’t to the point of being ready for surgery. I’ve got a lot of faith in him.”

While steroid injections are a common method for dealing with pain, Dr. Porter noted that the field has expanded to encompass several different types of approaches. Among them are destroying some of the nerves that produce the pain to changing how the nerves work without having to destroy them.

The key, he noted, is finding the most effective approach for each individual patient.

“I’d really like to move beyond the patient coming in and saying I have back pain or neck pain and we do an injection in that area and just expect them to get better,” Dr. Porter said. “It’s way more complicated than that. We’re trying to offer a really personalized experience to them and take care of the whole problem and not just determining what injection we can do.”

That personalization is important, he added, because for each person experiencing pain, the struggles with it are unique to that person and can play a major factor in his or her life. For the physician, therefore, it is important to respond directly to that individual’s unique need.

The new Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute provides a new weapon in the war against pain, with several features built into its surgical suites and clinical areas that reduce the risk of infection during procedures.

“With the things that we do to treat pain, the number one risk is infection,” Dr. Porter said. “If we implant something in their body or in their spine as a tool to help them with pain, their number one risk is having that thing get infected and it having to be removed or they have to be admitted to the hospital. So if we can do anything to lower the risk for infection, it saves them a whole lot of headaches and they can just be treated for pain and move on.”

Wayne has been able to move on with the activities he loves, secure in the knowledge that Dr. Porter will be honest with him should the pain treatments become ineffective and surgery for his back should become necessary. He also knows – and is very appreciative of – the fact that whatever he’s doing or wherever he’s doing it, his doctor is just a phone call away.

“He gave me his cell phone number and told me to just give him a call if I ever need him,” Wayne said. “That tells you a lot.”

Dr. Porter is one of nearly 40 healthcare providers who have been brought together under one roof in the Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute, which opened September 1. The 111,000-square-foot building on the Adena Regional Medical Center campus in Chillicothe is the new home to the Adena’s nationally accredited orthopedics program and specialized care for orthopedics, spine, sports medicine, neurology, podiatry and interventional pain management.

Got pain? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Porter or any of Adena’s interventional pain management specialists by calling 740-779-4598.

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