Adena Nursing Camp 2018

Nursing Camp Delivers Powerful Impact on Students. Check back for more more information on 2019 Nursing Camp

For the 60 high school students that took part in Adena’s first-ever Nursing Camp, the hardest part for them was the fact that the camp had to come to an end at some point. Culminating with a special graduation ceremony, each student received a certificate of completion, words of encouragement from nursing leaders to continue their journey and acknowledgment of all their hard work and efforts shown over the course of the three day camp.

During the ceremony, two students were specifically recognized for their participation in the Adena Nursing Camp social media contest. Cienna Gilkerson from Southeastern and Kylie Henry from Zane Trace together published more than 600 social media posts, using #AdenaNursingCamp, highlighting their experience and engaging thousands of other students and followers. The two social media gurus were each awarded with an Apple watch and said they plan on using their new devices to start running and tracking their steps this summer. 

According to representatives of Map Your Future, a sponsor of Adena’s Nursing Camp, this was one of the best camps they have been involved with.  

 “We have put on similar camps such as a manufacturing camp,” said Gina Benson, Map Your Future Coordinator. “This definitely exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to participate again next year.” 

 The initial goal of the camp was to help to help kids answer the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’. “I believe we exceeded our goal,” explained Jordan Pupero, Director of Learning and Organizational Development. “On the first day when we asked the students what they wanted to be, most of them replied with, ‘I’m not sure yet’, or ‘Maybe a doctor or possibly a nurse’, but by the end of the camp most of them have expressed a great amount of passion and respect for nursing and have even said they now know exactly what they want to do.” 

Nursing camp counselors ended the celebration with a dance party, which got everyone in the room up and moving. 

 Thank you to everyone who helped make Adena’s Nursing Camp a huge success! Also, thank you to those nurses and medical staff who allowed students to have a once-in-a-lifetime hands-on experience. 

 The future medical professionals that participated this week were more than ecstatic and appreciative of their experiences shadowing our nurses and learning what it means to be a true caregiver.  

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