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Adena’s Cardiology Nurse Navigators Guide Patients Through Heart Condition Treatment

Having difficulty understanding your heart condition? Unsure about scheduling treatments for your heart condition? Confused about your discharge instructions for your heart condition?

These questions are exactly why Adena’s cardiology nurse navigators Krystle Guarnieri and  Amanda Salyers are part of the Adena Cardiology team. Committed to helping patients who have experienced a heart attack, heart failure, or who are dealing with coronary heart disease (CAD), the specialized heart nurses tailor their services based on the patients’ needs.

Dealing with a heart attack or heart failure doesn’t go away once you go home from the hospital. If you have heart disease, heart failure or have experienced a heart attack, you know you will need to take measures and receive care to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Adena Cardiology nurse navigators can help you along your journey. They help transition you from the hospital to home, and then help you manage your recovery and ongoing treatment. The navigators are here to help you by providing resources, education, along with a caring touch. Adena cardiology nurse navigators are on-call for you; they will accompany you to physician appointments if you choose this; and they will help you understand the complexities of recovering from their heart condition.

Adena cardiology nurse navigators are one of the many benefits of receiving care at Adena Medical Center, which is ranked in the top 10 percent of hospitals in the nation for heart care.

What makes Adena’s cardiology nurse navigator program unique?

Adena is the only hospital in southern Ohio focused on providing patient education throughout treatment, recovery and life.  As part of education for heart patients, every Adena cardiology patient who is recommended for a cardiology nurse navigator receives an in-depth book created by heart nurse Krystle Guarnieri that outlines all the ways in which the nurse navigator can assist patients in their journey of care. Adena cardiology nurse navigators always try to meet with patients and their families face-to-face during the patients’ follow-up visits and communicate through weekly follow-up calls to ensure that you understand and can effectively follow your heart recovery and rehabilitation plan. Adena cardiology nurse navigators also work closely with primary care nurse navigators and other healthcare agencies to ensure that patients receive appropriate education and resources to continue their rehabilitation and recovery at home or in a facility.

How can you take full advantage of your cardiology nurse navigator?

Ask as many questions as you have and reach out to the heart nurses as much as possible, particularly in the first 30 days when you may be experiencing the most anxiety about your recovery and heart treatment. Establishing a line of communication that works for your needs is top priority. Adena cardiology nurse navigators will reach out to you on a weekly basis but encourage more frequent contact based on your needs.

How do I qualify for a cardiology nurse navigator?

Adena heart patients are currently referred to Adena’s cardiology nurse navigators by their cardiologists based on condition and needs. If you have suffered from a heart condition and are not currently connected to a cardiology nurse navigator, talk to your cardiologist about your eligibility.

Meet Adena’s Cardiology Nurse Navigators

Krystle Guarnieri, RN and Nurse Navigator at Adena Heart and Vascular Center

Krystle Guarnieri, RN, started in her role as a cardiology nurse navigator in 2014 when she and Amanda Salyers became Adena Cardiology’s first nurse navigators. Krystle has her bachelor’s of science degree in nursing and has been with Adena Medical Center for 11 years.

“My favorite thing about being a cardiology nurse navigator is helping people.  Oftentimes, it is very overwhelming for patients when they have a new heart condition.  Helping patients understand their diagnosis, how to manage their condition at home, and symptoms to report to the physician is imperative to their well-being, so I feel honored to help our patients through that process.”


Amanda Salyers, RN and Nurse Navigator at Adena Heart and Vascular Center

Amanda Salyers, RN, became a nurse navigator alongside Krystle Guarnieri in 2014 when the two became Adena’s first cardiology nurse navigators. With a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing, Amanda has been with Adena Medical Center for 11 years.  

“My favorite part of nurse navigation is patient education. I enjoy teaching and being able to speak with a patient about their diagnosis and seeing their face light up or say, ‘Oh, I’ve always wondered why the doctor would ask me that question.’ Knowing a patient understands their health and actively engages in their own care is very promising and uplifting.”

Interested in learning more about Adena Cardiology, a top provider of heart care in Ohio? Watch this new video about Adena Cardiology, the cardiology nurse navigator program, and diagnosing and treating heart conditions at Adena.


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