Meet Nicole

When Nicole found out she needed gallbladder surgery, she wanted a solution that would get her back to her family and active lifestyle quickly.

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  • Adena Regional Medical Center

The surgeons at Adena offered her minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci robot and had her back on her feet fast.

Adena's new da Vinci surgical robot is helping patients recover faster with less scarring and less pain. Just ask Nicole Alexander, who underwent single-site gallbladder surgery in December. “I went in for my procedure at 1pm and was home walking around by 8,” Nicole recalls. In a matter of days, she was ready to resume her busy life with her family and workouts at the gym. “Instead of five incisions with a traditional laparoscopy there was only one and the scar wasn’t even an inch long,” Nicole adds. “And now, I can hardly see it at all.” When you want the most advanced surgical options, Adena is here, for you. And Here. For Life. 

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