Things You Should Know

Things you should know about joint replacement

The decision to have joint replacement surgery is a significant one. So what are some of the factors you should consider before having surgery?


  • Surgery can provide up to 20 years of virtually pain-free movement
  • Less pain leads to more movement. More movement leads to increased muscle strength
  • Being able to go about daily chores without pain or needing to ask for help from loved ones
  • You may be able to resume many of your favorite activities that have been limited due to joint pain and stiffness

Although rare, there are also risks associated with having surgery:

  • There is a risk of having a reaction to the anesthesia used during surgery
  • There is a 1 percent risk of developing an infection in the new joint or incision site
  • There is a small risk of developing pneumonia or lung congestion
  • Nerves, blood vessels or bones could be damaged during surgery
  • You may develop new pain after having the joint replaced

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